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You may not know it, but almost every building you walk in to is the result of structural welds, it’s an integral part of modern infrastructure. By erecting, joining, cutting and repairing beams, columns, girders, pipes, boilers and more, structural welding forms the framework – or sometimes, the entirety – of structures.

At ATD Welding Services Perth, we’ve carried out all manner of structural welds, working in close collaboration with engineers, architects, and various tradespeople. We conduct our work with a priority on safety, ensuring national standards are met and the correct gear is always used. We’ve completed jobs of all sizes, with an efficient fast end-to-end turnaround delivering a high standard of work. Our structural welding has taken us all over Perth to work on a range of projects, in industries such as marine, mining, construction, and more. We’ve utilised specialised welding equipment, power tools, hand tools, and other materials, including flame-cutting equipment, to deliver the highest quality structural welds. We can even come to you, and our premier mobile welding service is backed up by our state-of-the-art workshop in Malaga.

structural welding perth
structural welding perth

Whether referencing blueprints, work orders or technical drawings, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page so you’re 100% satisfied with any job we deliver. At ATD Welding Services Perth, our qualified and professional team is highly trained. Every structural weld we complete complies with both Western Australian and Australian standards, such as: AS4100: Steel Structures and AS/NZS1554: Structural Steel Welding, as part of the under the National Construction Code/Building Code of Australia.

Don’t take a chance with your next project. Talk to the experts at ATD Welding Services Perth. If you would like to see examples of our structural welding in action around Perth, click here to see our gallery.

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